Is Walking on a Clay Tile Roof a Good Idea?

If you live in the Loganville area of Georgia, there is a good possibility that your roof may be a clay tile roof. The look of tiles in the summer sun can be a great and distinctive look in the neighborhood, and if properly maintained can add a great deal of value to your home overall. However, it does have a few issues when it comes to maintenance. Walking on a clay tile roof can be a bit problematic, so if you choose to do so, please do with a bit of caution. Here’s why you need to be careful, and how to reduce the chance of injury and tile breakage.

Walking on a Clay Tile Roof Can Cause Significant Damage

Besides the danger of walking on an uneven surface, it’s  easy to cause significant damage to your roof by walking on the tiles. If you weigh more than 100 pounds, the force of your weight alone can cause the tiles to crack and break. Clay, is fantastic for heat distribution and protection from the inclement weather during a  storm in Georgia, but it can be brittle. A little bit of weight distributed incorrectly can mean the different between a dozen tiles that need to be replaced, and a roof that looks great.  Of course, tiles breaking isn’t the only thing that can happen when walking on a clay tile roof. If the tiles weren’t installed properly, your feet could easily dislodge them, causing areas where rain or hail could potentially affect the underside of the roof.

Walking on a Clay Tile Roof Is Dangerous

walking on clay tile roof

As any qualified roofer will tell you, walking on a clay tile roof without proper equipment and training is never a good idea. There are so many potential hazards, and ways that things can go wrong. Clay tiles, even in the hot Georgia sun can be quite slick, and difficult to navigate with their gently curved surface. So even

if your not too worried about breaking a few tiles, you might want to consider the chance that you could cause yourself injury before you climb the ladder up to your roof. Is it really worth it?

So What Can Be Done?

Well, our preferred answer when we hear that one of the people of Loganville is even considering walking on a clay tile roof is to tell them to stop, and call us first. After all, having a professional on the job is always a good idea. Chances are a person is thinking about saving a little bit of money by doing some roof cleaning or maintenance themselves. And while we certainly applaud their spirit and dedication to home maintenance like roofing or siding projects, some things are simply not worth the risk. We have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment needed to deal with the cleaning and maintenance of a clay tile roof, sometimes without even having to set foot on it, so the risk of damage to your home is minimized. In fact, according to state law, any general contractor doing residential basic work, which would include roof maintenance is required to be licensed, and to have training in safety, equipment and good business practices.

But if you still insist on doing such a dangerous task on your own – which we do not recommend – make sure that you step on the bottom three inches of the tile. This area is usually supported by lapped tile beneath, so the majority of your weight will be transferred to the roofing deck below, and not into the tile itself. Please keep in mind though, that damage, and injury to you is still a significant possibility, so please, proceed with caution.