Are you in need of a roof replacement? Would you even know it if you were? There are times that the signs might be pretty obvious, such as being able to see the North Star when you’re sitting in your attic, although in most cases, any red flags a failing roof might send up are far more subtle.

Let’s take a good look at the things that your roofing Loganville GA might be trying to say to you.

Understanding Your Whole Roof System

Before you call any roofing Loganville GA professional, you should be sure that you’re familiar with the logo. The following are the components of an entire roof system:

Deck: This is the structural wooden surface of a roof.

Drip Edge: This is any material which is affixed to the edges of a roof in order to guide water off of the eaves.

Underlayment: This is a barrier that is installed underneath the shingles in order to keep the roof deck dry.

Flashing: This is material that is affixed in order to seal and protect the joints, like where the points where the roof meets up with the chimney.

Shingles: This is the outermost layer of a roof, as they repel water and provide the whole structure protection.

Soffit: This is the underside of roof overhangs.

Fascia: This is the horizontal board at the end of the roof rafters which might hold your gutters.

Vents: These are features which let air get out of the attic so the roof can stay dry.

6 Signs That It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Now that you have some comprehension of what your roof involves, you should be watchful for the following signs:

1) Your Roof Is Old:

A typical asphalt shingle roof will last from 12 up to 15 years. Tile or metal roofs usually have longer lifespans. If your roofing is getting close to its usual replacement age, then you should likely start thinking about a new roof.

If prior roof repairs got installed right over the top of the current roof, which is a practice called overlaying, then you should certainly consider a roof replacement. Overlaying can be a quick fix which hides larger roofing issues underneath the shingle surface.

2) Missing Or Curling Shingles Are Visible:

Your roof is always exposed to the elements of nature, such as sun, snow, and rain. These all cause the components to get worn down over time. The long-term beating that happens eventually results in shingles that are curling, missing, broken, or buckling. If you wind up finding shingle granules or debris in your gutter system, then you’ve got an obvious sign of your roof decaying. A roof that is missing any parts means your home is now vulnerable to the elements.

3) Damaged Or Broken Flashing Is Visible:

Flashing is what helps keep moisture from getting into the joints of your roofing system. Depending on the age and quality of your roof, it’s possible that your flashing could be made out of metal, tar, or roof cement. Missing, degraded, or damaged flashing could mean that your roof is susceptible to possible water damage.

4) Ice Damming:

The appearance of any ice dams, which are ice ridges that will form at the edge of your roof, usually means that there are roof ventilation issues present.

If your roof isn’t appropriately ventilated, then heat from the attic might melt any snow that’s on your roof. This snow melt will then run off into the gutters or just the edges of the roof, which is where cold air can quickly freeze it. This ice dam can cause the following wave of snow melt to wind up backing up and freezing too.

This process is what creates some of the dramatic icicles you will sometimes see hanging off of a home. The additional ice pressure is something that can pull roofing materials apart, which lets water backup the chance to start seeping into the more inner layers of the roof.

Once water begins soaking into those inner materials, a roof replacement will be necessary before too long.

5) Discolored Walls And Ceilings:

Have you started seeing mystery water stains on the outside of your home? What about the walls and ceilings inside? Do you notice mysterious dripping sounds that are coming from your ceiling? You might have a roof leak. Check your attic insulation; if you notice that any of it is soggy, then that might mean you have an issue.

Don’t walk on your roof; it’s not recommended and also quite dangerous. If you get to the top of the home, which is again not suggested, and find soft sections at places in the roofing, then your roof probably has some water damage and will need replacement.

6) Your Home Has Unwanted Animal Occupants:

Is your attic now home to a family of squirrels? You probably didn’t let them inside the front door, which means it’s possible that you have rotting sections or even missing parts in your eaves. There might even be a hole somewhere in the roof. Animals such as bats, raccoons, possums, and birds take any advantage they can of nesting in the comfortable environs of a warm home; this typically involves damage to your roofing. Hiring a roofing business or professional roofing Loganville GA contractor to do an inspection of your roof will determine whether you need a total replacement or just repairs.

The time to replace your whole roof might have come. Visit us online or call us in order to get an estimate. Every roof we do gives our customers peace of mind.


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