The roof is one of the vital parts of the house. It is also the one crucial part of the house that shouldn’t be fixed in a DIY. That said, only a certified roofing Loganville, GA expert should handle any form of roof installation and repairs – this means you have to chuck out some money to make it happen. For many people, roof repair is the last thing they consider in a home improvement project. This shouldn’t be the case considering the roof protects your house and everything in it from harsh weather elements among other factors. In simpler terms, the roof is one of the essential features of a home, and it should take the top spot on your home improvement projects.

Picture of Reasons Roof Repair Should Top Your Home Improvement List in Loganville, GA

Whether you’ve been ignoring your roof or forgot about it altogether, now is the time to think about roof maintenance. Outlined below are some of the reasons roof repair should be among your top home improvement priorities.

  1. The Roof Has A Direct Impact On Your Home’s Curb Appeal And Value
    If looking to sell your home in the next couple of years, you then need to ensure everything is in the best condition possible. The roof needs to be in the best shape; otherwise, the house will fetch less money than it should have. Most potential homebuyers will first look into the condition of the roof before considering other features. A well-kept roof is more attractive to a potential buyer as compared to a neglected one. Although a prospective buyer might not say it aloud, any home with a neglected roof is a turnoff. A neglected roof doesn’t look good either.
  2. The Sooner You Fix The Roof, The Less Costly It Will Be
    Having all issues with the roof addresses the soonest possible lowers the risk of spending too much money on the same. The house doesn’t necessarily have to be on sale for you to take on these repairs. Fixing the roof on time not only extends its lifespan but also protects your home from external damages. Roof damage starts as a simple leak which can be fixed in less than 20 minutes but progresses to a worse condition if neglected for a long time. That said, call a local roofing expert to fix the simple leak or reinstall missing shingles as soon as you find the issue. This will reduce the cost of repairs significantly.
  3. Insurance
    Homes with damaged or neglected roofs attract higher insurance premiums as compared to those with roofs in the best shape. An insurance adjuster will detect signs of a neglected roof, hence might not cover for damages. Nonetheless, having the slightest signs of roof damage addressed means the insurance might cover most of the claim and costs. As long as the roof is kept in the best condition possible, you can be assured to spend less on insurance premiums. The same cannot, however, be said about a damaged or neglected roof since all you might get from it all is compensation for basic repair.
  4. Air Quality
    Michigan can get really humid during summer. Even the smallest damage on your roof is likely to allow humidity and water to seep into your house. This creates just the perfect environment for mold growth, as well as encourage rotting. Rotting materials and mold taints air quality in the house and sometimes triggering allergic reactions among family members. The cost of dealing with mold is much more than patching the leak or hole in the roof. That said, ensure your roof is in the best condition possible by having a certified roofer inspect and handle any required repairs.
  5. Roof Replacement
    Roof replacement can be expensive. It means shelling lots of your hard-earned cash to have the entire roof replaced with a new one. Most roofs (asphalt) have a lifetime of around 25 years and are easy to replace for as long as the roof was in good condition. Replacing a neglected or damaged roof is however a totally different scenario. If you have been neglecting your roof for repairs, chances are you won’t even get ten years out of the roof. The worst-case scenario is, prolonged exposure to leaks and extreme weather affects the integrity of both the roof and the house, which makes replacing the roof a lot harder and expensive. That said, taking proper care of your roof by calling for roof repairs whenever an issue is detected can save you lots of money in roof replacement.



Roof repair isn’t exactly fun as an improvement project for your home. It’s however essential and necessary; otherwise, you will run into a host of structural issues with both the roof and the house. Avoid such problems by calling for roof repairs on the first sign of a problem. The earlier you call your local roofing Loganville GA expert, the more affordable it will be.


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