Can Roofers Work in the Rain – Is it Safe and Effective?

At Sir Roofing, we often get requests for our contractors to work fast and repair or replace a roof during inclement weather.   And while we’re happy to help when we are able to, the question of can roofers work in the rain?  Is it safe or even effective?

We certainly abide by all applicable Georgia laws when it comes to roofing safety. But in the long run, our golden rule is to make sure that our contractors stay safe on the job, and your new or repaired roof exceeds your expectations.

Safety is the Rule

One of the man reasons why we discourage our roofers from working in the rain is for safety reasons.  Generally speaking, during a rainstorm, a number of potential dangers arise for everyone involved.  First, the rain can make the surface of the roof very slick, which can lead to potential slips and falls.  Or even worse, perhaps falling off the roof itself.

Another reason why we often tell our roofers not to work in the rain is the potential of lightening strikes.  As you can imagine, working at the highest point of your home means our workers will be in prime position to be hit by a lightening strike if one should occur.  Add to that the fact that they will be often working with metal tools such as nail guns or even a tape measure, and the chance of lightening strike hitting them is even stronger. We want to make sure that our workers are safe and return to their families at the end of the work day.  That’s why we watch the weather closely.

Can Roofers Work in the Rain?  Not if You Want a Roof That Lasts!

can roofers work in the rainBut it’s not all about safety.  Depending on the roof materials used, working in the rain can be detrimental to the life and health of the roof.  Many materials such as shingles, shake,  EDPM or tar and gravel roofs, require a clean and dry surface for installation.  Essentially in many cases, the rain will cause cause the adhesive surface to warp and create areas where the roofing material isn’t actually attached to the roofing framework.  And unlike the vinyl siding that you could install in your Loganville home, roofing material that isn’t firmly attached at all locations can lead to loose material and leaks in the long run.

Of course, sometimes you can’t help working in the rain.  One way that the question of can roofers work in the rain can be answered “yes” is when they are already working on the roof when the rain starts.  If the rain is light, and doesn’t appear to be related to a thunderstorm, then work can continue for the time being.

The reason that we allow this exception is because if rain gets into the roof decking or support system of your roof, and is allowed to settle in, it can mean significant problems for you in the future.  So we instruct our roofers to finish the section they are doing if it can be done safely, and then to wait for clear skies to do the rest.

Replacing the roof on your home is serious business, and deserves the very best.  By limiting the amount of time that our roofers work in the rain, we can make sure that not only the roof is completed in a timely and effective manner, but also safely.  After all, we want you, and our roofers to rest easy come the end of the work day.